Kartik – The month of Damodar

On the 4th October we entered into the Fourth month of Caturmasya according to the Vedic Calender.This month is said to be very dear to Lord Sri Krishna and is also known as Kartik. Kartik month is also called “Damodara month”, which refers to that naughty boy, Krishna, who Mother Yasoda bound around the waist with a rope. During this Damodara month, if one manages to capture Krishna with the ropes of pure devotion, he will be released from the bondage of repeated birth and death.

It is customary for devotees of Sri Krishna to remember the pastime of the Lord being bound by Mother Yashoda and to daily offer a lamp to this form of the Lord during the month of Kartik.


We would like to offer you and your family the chance to bless the atmosphere in your home and attract the mercy of Lord Krishna by participating in the ancient Vedic tradition of the chanting of the Damodarastakam Prayers and offering lamps to Lord Damodar. All the members of your family can participate thereby bringing peace to the body mind and soul. You can also invite your friends to join in. The service is being offered entirely free of any obligations. If you would like the devotees to come to your home to lead your family and friends in this wonderful ceremony please contact us to make a date for the visit.

The International Society For Krishna Consciousness

Bhakti Yoga Centre

1 Bompart Street (corner Brill Street)


Tel: 051 4477029

To read a transcription of a lecture by His Holiness Giriraj Swami entitled “Kartika and Sarat-purnima:
Special Mercy and the Dance of Divine Love” click on the link below:



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