Food for Life Bloemfontein

“Let no one go hungry”

 In September 2007 Food For Life South Africa established its Bloemfontein branch, which is an autonomous unit responsible for its own fundraising and development.

 Large pots of nutritious and wholesome food are cooked and transported to needy people around the city.  The food is distributed in large containers three times a week. Five hundred to six hundred people benefit weekly from the project in Bloemfontein.

 Our three focus areas are:

1. Squatter camp dwellers

2. Street children

3.Vulnerable children in institutions or in families under supervision of Child Welfare Department

 Short, Medium and Long term Goals:

 The Short-term goal is to maintain the regular distribution and to then gradually increase the numbers of meals distributed on each occasion.  The ability to boost the project depends on factors such as:

-Financial support

-Suitable cooking equipment

-Appropriate vehicle such as a bakkie for food and staff transportation

 The Medium-term goal is to educate people in the previously disadvantaged townships and rural areas and those living in impoverished conditions (such as squatter camps) in the methods of growing vegetable gardens that are self sufficient and able to produce fresh vegetables throughout the year.  The method most likely to fulfill this goal is the Perma-culture method, which involves the most economical use of available growing space.  The focus group would be women living in the targeted areas (it is likely that women would be more responsive to the scheme).  Once the education processes and outreach methodologies are established they could be replicated and the target group could expand to include other towns and rural communities in the Free State.

 The Long-term goal is to develop a farm community that would embrace both the above mentioned goals and serve as firstly a base from where the feeding scheme could operate to areas situated nearby as well as a training facility to train others to run feeding schemes in other towns.  The farm would also strive to be a practical example of a self-sufficient working farm, growing vegetables and crops in the method being taught, perma-culture.  The training of educators would take place there with the aim to increase the coverage areas that the project could affect. Other ideas that will be included in the farms vision will be community skills development, eco-tourism, personal development seminars including International guest speakers and visitors.


3 responses to “FOOD FOR LIFE

  1. Good work.FFA really is something special.Ther
    e is never a shortage of lost soul out there in the
    material world….who would have thought that t
    here would be such a wonderful thing there in B

  2. If anyone would like to donate to this very worthy cause, please go to the “Donations” page and you will find all our banking details. Please make reference FFL. Thank you very much!

  3. I think the FOOD FOR LIFE program is very benevolent and very needed in this country. I question the use of aluminum pots though, as there is a vast number of articles on the negative and disease causing effect using aluminum. Surely this is not what the hungry are asking for.

    Doron Deco

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