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An evening with His Holiness Narasimha Swami – Celebrating Ramnavami

Please join us for an evening with His Holiness Narasimha Swami as we celebrate the auspicious appearance day of the Lord’s appearing in his form as Lord Ramachandra

The appearance of Lord Rama is celebrated as Ramnavami.  Ramnavami falls on the ninth day of waxing fortnight of the month of Chaitra.  In Treta-yuga, the Supreme Lord appeared as son of King Dasharath as Lord Ramachandra. Although he appeared as a human out of kindness to His devotees, along with His brother Lakshman, He is the Supreme Lord.


His Holiness is the first South African to take the order of sannyasa within ISKCON (The International Society for Krishna Consciousness).  He entered this holy order in 2008, earning the title HH Bhakti Narasimha Swami – and since then has travelled extensively teaching and enlivening devotees all over the world.


Swami will also be the Guest Speaker at our regular Sunday Gathering at 3PM

If you would like to sponsor any items towards the feast that will be offered to The Lord please contact Mother Syama at the Bhakti Yoga Centre 0514477029